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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

From "Deare Sister" by Chris Wind

My dearest Nannerl, of course you have a right to be upset about the portrait.  After all, you performed right alongside your brother; in fact, your father had the bills printed to read “Two World Wonders.”  Two, not one.  You were with Wolfgang on the 1762 tour through Passau and Linz to Munich and Vienna; I remember Count Zinzendort called you (not Wolfgang) “a little master”.  And you went again through Germany, in 1763, this time to Augsburg and Ludwigsburg as well as Munich, on to Paris, and then to London where the two of you performed that sonata for the Queen of England.  And in 1765 you performed in Holland.  No, do not doubt yourself, Nannerl: you were quite correct in calling Carmontelle’s portrait inaccurate because it shows Wolfgang at the keyboard, your father at the violin, and you merely holding the music for them.  And he said you insulted him!  I do know how you feel about the matter and I am completely on your side.  Nevertheless, I must ask you to apologize.

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