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Thursday, December 8, 2011

From "The Other Side of Life" by Jess C Scott

Ithilnin, the Elven rogue, shows off the elves' underground train system.
Nin swung himself up into the carriage, then held a hand out to lead her in.

“Our side project—it’s nice what a little bit of magic can do.” His voice was more muffled, though Anya could still make out what he said. “It’s our underground train network.”

Nin scanned a hand over a flat black screen, as a demure, programmed voice greeted him, “Hello, Nin.”

Anya stepped in as the interior lights began to come on, giving the carriage a luminous glow. The carriage could hold about ten individuals. Maybe a few more, if they were all Anya’s size.

“I could probably live here, if I had no other choice,” Nin remarked, standing before the flat black screen.

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