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Friday, December 9, 2011

From "Searle Lorden and the Elixir of Death" by EC Roche

He couldn’t believe he was lucky enough to witness such a view...

He closed his eyes and embraced the sun’s warm rays. At the same time, the cool droplets of the waterfall sprayed lightly against his skin. He stepped out until he was face-to-face with the waterfall and against the cliff edge of the cave. He peered down and was nearly sick. 

He felt as though he was standing on top of the world. Below him, a deep blue river meandered and cascaded, and either side of the river was bordered with forest, which seemed to climb for miles, swallowing the rest of the world in a myriad of lush greens, browns and golds. It looked glorious. Searle placed his hand into the gushing waterfall and watched as the warm, clean water washed the rotten waste off him instantly. He put his head under next, carefully ensuring not to slip off the edge.

‘Searle,’ a familiar voice behind him called. It startled him so much, he nearly lost his balance and had to step back to make sure he didn’t fall.

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