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Thursday, December 22, 2011

From “The Starlight Prince” by Borislava Borissova

Being outside on the threshold The Starlight Prince did not hear the scream going from inside nor saw at that moment that a small bell over the grand door of the castle started moving slightly, its pendulum swaying to and fro while simultaneously, a similar but larger bell over the heavy door of the nearby family burial vault began swaying along with it as if measuring time, too. 
The starry boy had an ear only for the ominous voice of the storm, the gale and the wind. He stared into the steadily falling snowflakes to pick out who opened the door but nothing was visible. Harassed by the blizzard, he bravely entered into it as the greatest adventure of his young life to seek a help or to face menace from the habitants. Once inside, his scared shadow snaked over the walls. 
He found no one. 
Why and how he heard the scream was a mystery. There was no sign of life, except the fact that everything was in perfect order. 
In that moment, the bell above the vault turned round its axis and darkness crept out around it. Some intangible steps led out.

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