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Thursday, December 29, 2011

From "What Lies Unseen" by Bonnie Taylor

Throughout history man has transcribed accounts of things that defy scientific explanation.  For ancient civilizations, interactions with magical beings were described as Earthly visitations by the Gods. Later, with the spread of Christianity, there was a shift in beliefs causing these once godly manifestations to be considered evil. Attempts to make contact with departed spirits through the employ of psychics and mediums may pre-date written history but books on the subject were written as early as 1706 and it is said that the Lincoln family held seances in the White House during Abraham’s presidency. The desire to make contact with spirits continues to show itself today in the recent popularity of ghost hunting and the acceptance of psychics as reality television.

Though verifiable proof of the existence of paranormal activity escapes us, one thing is clear; those who have experiences with the paranormal tend to become believers and while fear overcomes some, many crave more and I am one of them. I come from a family with a notable sensitivity to things other worldly. I grew up with a father who could foresee significant life events for those around him and more specifically, was profoundly aware of the passing of relatives at the exact moment of their death.

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