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Monday, January 16, 2012

"Divine Blood: Semester Start" by Luke Green

Naiki Semezou was just warned by Hel Logesdottir not to bring down the class average...

“Don’t worry too much about her,” he said. “Every week the school puts out the class averages and she’s been comparing us to other classes in our year. Class 3E is consistently scoring better than our class and every once in a while, so does Class 3B.”

“Oh … a competition, got it,” Naiki said. “Yeah, okay, I’ll keep out of her way so she can get all her high grades and stuff and just do my thing.”

“Well, it’s class averages she worries about,” Issa said.

“Okay, so what’s that got to do with me?” the green-haired girl asked.

“You’re part of the class.”

“But I’m not part of the average class, so we’re fine,” Naiki said with a shrug before turning back to her text books. “Next class was history right?”

“That was last class,” Issa said.

Naiki glanced back over her shoulder at the sound of a thump and wondered briefly why Hel was repeatedly letting her head fall against the desk she was sitting at, but shrugged it off and turned back to trying to get out the right book for the next class as the teacher walked in through the door.

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