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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"The Final Chamber" by Cynthia Mercer Tottleben

The adopted mother of Jessie watches as her daughter, in the throes of a psychological breakdown, is loaded into the ambulance...

       “Mommy?”  You asked, looking to me for clarification.  Speaking to me in your most childish voice.  Horror haunting every letter that passed your lips.  Seeking comfort from your first mother, the one I could never be, the one you loved unconditionally even though she lounged around, high on whatever drug she could find, and collected cash from the men who touched you.

       That same woman who had forgotten about you, barricaded behind the basement door for weeks on end.  Letting you waste away your hours in utter darkness.  Begging for food.   Pleading with the men who came downstairs not to be hurt.  To be given water.  Bread.  Anything.

       Lingering with the corpses long after your sisters had died.

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Janene said...

Wow. That is one haunting exerpt. (shiver)

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