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Thursday, January 12, 2012

"The Goddess Queen: The Rys Chronicles Book II" by Tracy Falbe

Incapacited by magical weapons, Shan taunts the Kezanada Overlord sent to kill him...
Despite his injury, Shan would not yield to the killing blow like a paralyzed rabbit. Growling out his pain, Shan struggled to his feet. He could not hope to flee in his condition but he would face the Overlord bravely.
“Onja’s footboy to the end,” Shan sneered.

The Overlord gnashed his teeth behind his mask as the insult grated his ego, but Shan’s parting jibe fueled his anger and would add to the pleasure of killing. Holding the magic sword that Onja had so conveniently given him, the Overlord promised himself he would never let it go. He would bring Shan’s head to Onja and then strike her down too, making the Kezanada the supreme force in all the world. 

“The end of all rys starts now!” the Overlord bellowed triumphantly, bringing back his sword for a decapitating blow.

Shan clung to his dignity and faced his executioner’s blow. His mind was surprisingly clear and free of regrets. He knew the next world waited, as it always did.

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