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Monday, January 2, 2012

"In Many Ways" by Peter Carroll

He had no particular preference when it came to how to make money and wield power. To get where he was, he had certainly had to ditch any sense of empathy or sympathy for those he dealt with. Better still, he was almost certainly born without such cumbersome baggage. This unburdening undoubtedly saved him the angst that those initial, moral, gangster dilemmas would have elicited in most until they had dulled themselves to it. It would always be difficult to decide in any individual, which one of nature or nurture had played a bigger part in shaping who they were. However, from a fairly early age, spurred on by the example (or genes) set to him by his father, he really did not appear to be all that interested in whether his actions had a negative effect on, or outcome for, other people. No matter the conclusions drawn in any intellectual debate as to the origins of his disposition, it was fair to say that if ever there was a man that had been born to profit from the misery of others, then this was he, and that lad in the chair was about to be very miserable indeed.

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