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Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Stone Bearers: The Gift" by R. E. Washington

My name is Constance and this story starts the day I was ripped apart...

I pointed to the exit. "We have to go there."

She nodded and then we both were running. Glass crunched under my feet and behind me I could hear a shriek. The light was glowing bright, almost encompassing the entire greenhouse. We were almost at the exit. Danielle was a little ahead of me, when she froze. "No. No!"

That's when I saw it. The black glutinous body that looked like hot bubbling tar and white, white teeth. For a second, I could only stare as my mind denied what was in front of me. The monster didn't have such a problem. It leapt at Danielle. Instantly, I reacted. I shoved her out of the way and slashed with the glass shard I grabbed earlier. 

The monster jumped back and bared its teeth. I watched it. Its fingers twitched, its claws glinting in the light. I only had a second to decide. I pushed Danielle. 


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