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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Romance Kindle Books: "Tomorrow Blossoms" by Joyce DeBacco

Kate's husband has just announced he intends to find the boy she gave up as an unwed teen...

“I’m going to find him, Kate,” he said flatly. “I’m going to find our boy.”

Gulls played overhead, water ebbed and flowed at their feet, and sunbeams graced them with their warmth. But Kate was oblivious to all, numb from the shock of Ward’s announcement.

Breaking stride, he turned to her, voice low, somber. “You don’t want me to find him, do you?”

She stared back, mute. The lying had to end somewhere, she told herself. Let it end here, now, today. “No, Ward. I don’t.”

“But he’s our son, Kate, our only son. Aren’t you curious? Don’t you ever wonder what became of him?”

Here. Now. Today. “Ward—honey . . .”

She looked at him, patient, unaware; her shoulders slumped. “Of course I wonder,” she said, loathing her cowardice. “But he has his own life now, honey, his own identity. And having us pop up after all these years is bound to upset him. Don’t you remember why we gave him up? Or is your need for a son so great you’d risk his happiness?”

“Katie, you know I’ve never regretted that our marriage produced only girls. But somewhere in this world, there’s a boy—no, make that a man—who may be wondering about us too. If he’s happy and secure with his life, then I’ll leave it alone. But if there’s a chance he’s even remotely interested in us, then I want to pursue it. It’ll be his choice, Kate. I promise.”

“But so much could go wrong. He could be bitter, he could resent us for giving him away.” And he could have his father’s fair hair and striking green eyes.

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Karen Stillwagon said...

Hmmm... a book I have to add to my wishlist... just the blurb makes me want to continue reading!

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