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Monday, February 20, 2012

Even deep space is no longer safe... #ScienceFiction #Speculative

We Of The Universe

by Rachel Cooper

“Your work has shown us that you are ready for a closer connection with the universe,” the woman said. “Of course, it will lead to more restricted personal surroundings, but it will allow you to better commune with the universe.”
“Your thoughts will be monitored and downloaded to the system, to be studied for their true meaning. The universe will speak through you,” the man stated.
“It will be worth what you have to pay for the privilege,” the woman finished.

Legeve did not know how to feel. She bowed her head, as if overwhelmed by emotion at the opportunity, because that was what was expected from her. Their lives were centred around this. For women of her class, it was as high as you could go. To become a vessel for the universe was an ultimate honour, and yet it meant that she would never see the man again.

With her every breath and thought monitored, he would not be able to reach her, and she could not go with him. The pain that thought gave her made her realise she wanted to go with Staffan. She did not want to become a part of the universe, but wanted to go out in it and live it.
“I enjoy my work here,” she said. “Surely there are others more worthy than me.”

Her overseer's smile vanished, and the man and woman’s smiles became smaller.
“Why, dear, you honestly don't know what a big honour this is,” her overseer said.
“It is not to be discussed,” the man said, a finality to his words that seemed to freeze her insides.
“Your body has been moved to its new confines already,” the woman said. “This meeting is just to congratulate you and to prepare you. Now it is time for you to go back and prepare for the joining.”
“It has been wonderful working with you,” her overseer said insincerely.

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