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Thursday, February 16, 2012

A heartwarming foray into the world of cats and the humans who love them #YA

The Tribe

By McCarty Griffin

GriffinArching her back and yawning, Tia stretched lazily in the sun-warmed grass.
Her orange, tan and tabby pattern, splotched across snowy white, had lately taken on a scruffy appearance, and her hipbones, never heavily padded, were perhaps a touch more prominent than they had been in past years. Her eyes, however, focused now on the hillside below the cats’ fragrant bed, were as lime-green bright as in her kitten days. Next to her, a silky black cat with a white chest and paws turned her head sharply to peer down the hillside.
“Someone’s coming.” Bella rose to her feet in one quick movement with her ears forward and her gaze intent, but Tia merely waited with her eyes half-closed. “Sounds like a bouncer, by the racket. A bit too far from the litter, if it is.”
An explosion of orange and cream burst through the grass just before them. Whipping a tail fat with excitement, the young tabby skidded sideways to a stop. “Eldest, eldest! A great beast’s coming! Everyone must hide!”

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