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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Indie Snippets is Back and Accepting Submissions!

Well, that was quick. I've made some changes to how I receive content which should improve the site and increase my efficiency.

Summary of most important changes:

1. A submission form. Emails were taking up too much of my time and getting lost. Formatting issues were also one of the biggest disadvantages to fielding submissions in this manner. The new submission form will simply things and allow me to post more snippets.

 2. Simplified Guidelines. You can see at a glance what is required. Before I had too many rules cluttering everything up. I've never been a big rules kind of guy.

3. Increased snippet word limit. You can now post up to 300 word snippets -- but any scene intro/setup lines will be included in the word count.

4. Blurbs now accepted in addition to excerpts. If you just want to submit a product summary of your book rather than a snippet, you may. I will still give preference to snippets though.

5. Agents and cross-promotion. You may submit the work of other authors as long as you have their written permission.

Please visit the submission guidelines to view all changes.

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