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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

When dreams go wrong, only the strong survive. #MysterySuspense #Romance


by Katie Hughart

“Hello,” she calls, taking a few steps forward.
What is she doing, she wonders. She hates to think that this poor little girl is here all alone in her pretty white dress. Who would do such a thing? Leaving a child of that age alone in a place like this is so irresponsible. The parents can’t be that far away, she muses.
She realizes that the little girl seems to be crouched over something. Is she eating something? Is she sneaking a snack, and hiding from her parents so that they won’t find out?
Cara considers the possibility that maybe she is in the basement of a rundown apartment complex, but how did she get here.
“Hello,” Cara calls again, but the little girl still doesn’t respond. “Hello,” Cara says one more time in an attempt to get the little one’s attention. Maybe she is deaf, she contemplates. Then Cara hears a noise come from the little girl. It sounds as if she growled. Cara’s stomach feels queasy when she sees auburn hair draped out from under this girl who is standing in what she now recognizes as a pool of blood.
The child spins around, snarling, and snaps her sharp pointed teeth in Cara’s direction. She can’t believe that she considered the creature to be sweet looking. The auburn haired being is eating what looks like a mauled version of her, and it now looks like she is going to attack. She stares at the blood that drips down its mouth onto her pretty dress.
“No,” Cara says barley above a whisper as the thing leans towards her with a distinct feline likeness. The sound of Cara’s voice angers it. It turns its head sideways and squints its pitch black eyes.

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