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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The dangers for a teenage werewolf include more than the phases of the moon #YA #Paranormal

Silver (The Silver Series Book 1)

by Cheree Alsop

I turned away, distracted, and a shoulder caught mine and shoved me into the lockers along the wall.
“Watch where you’re going,” a voice growled.
I looked up to see a student my age with jet black hair and dark eyes flanked by two stocky, younger students. The scent of werewolf wafted from all three of them. The student who shoved me took a step closer, then stopped; his nostrils flared and his eyes narrowed.
“You better have a good reason to be here.”
I bristled at his tone. “My reasons are none of your business.”
His jaw clenched and he swung at me.
The years of practice with my father paid off; my body flowed through the motions without thought. I ducked under his fist and punched as I came up, catching him in the stomach. He doubled over with a gasp, and I slammed an elbow into his back. He fell to the floor with a grunt of pain.
Arms wrapped around me from behind and squeezed tight to pin my arms to my sides. The other student punched me in the stomach with a left, then a right. I broke the student’s hold and ducked, pulling his right arm over my head and behind his back. I wrapped my left arm around his throat and pulled up on his wrist. He yelped and squirmed. I pulled harder.
“Stop moving if you don’t want a dislocated shoulder,” I said quietly in his ear. He froze and his breath rattled in his constricted throat.
The black-haired boy struggled to his feet, his arms around his stomach. The other student hurried to his side with a hand out to help, but the boy hit it away.

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