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Monday, April 30, 2012

The truth hurts, but the lies could flat out kill him. #MysterySuspense #Comedy

Battle Axe

by Bill Cokas

“Interesting,” Ruby nodded, grateful for some geographic information. “What region?”

“Bad Sulzbach,” he said. “It must be very small—I couldn’t find it anywhere on my map.” He jerked a thumb at the far wall, on which hung a massive topographic map of central Europe, with Germany more brightly colored than the surrounding countries.

“Any other names or references that would help us narrow down the writer?” she said, turning to the next page of notes.

“Not that I could see,” Konrad said. “If you ask me, she wanted your client to know about where he came from, but not how to get there.”

“Well, Konrad, that makes about as much sense as skid marks in a urinal,” Ruby said in a scolding tone.

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