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Monday, May 21, 2012

Giving the waitress a hard time. . . #Comedy #MysterySuspense

Brett Aerobicizes
by David D. D'Aguanno

Sure enough, when our Chinese waitress came over to take our orders a few minutes later, Marilyn ordered some weird concoction with noodles, and then Tyler did the same – how cute! – and he even offered to split an order of chicken wings with her. Next, Ginger opened her mouth to place her order, and I quickly cut in, saying,
“Bring me an order of beef teriyaki, chicken fried rice, the horseshoe duck –“
“Wor shu,” the waitress cut in with.
“God bless you!” I said back to her, my infectious charm obviously at its considerable peak.


Anonymous said...

Brett is a lady charmer who always says what men are really thinking and gets away with it. He deserves a kick to the head, but what he gets is more women! Who is this detective anyway? I just keep reading! I think I am reading the series backwards...

Victoria said...

Our office book club read Brett Aerobicizes and the discussion has not ended yet! Today we had an impromptu before lunch over which one of us is the real “Ginger!” This has been a fun read with inside jokes and conversations that have left the rest wondering what we are all talking about! Brett is a bad boy, that you love to hate, and then want to talk about!

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