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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Reliance on Citizens Makes Us Great! #ScienceFiction #Thriller

Canvas Skies

by S.L. Wallace

In the sequel to Price of a Bounty, Keira has just caught Brody spying on her:

I grabbed Brody's coat sleeve and dragged him into the dark alley next to the cafe. “What the hell are you doing here?” I shoved into his gut with my left shoulder, pressed him against the wall and held a knife to his throat. Granted it was a butter knife from the cafe, but I'd had to improvise. His pale green eyes widened. “Are you following me?”

“Yes...well...I just thought...” He mumbled before regaining control. “What will it take for you to trust me? I've put in enough time, haven't I? I've given you free rides out of the realm whenever you've asked, not to mention whatever fugitives and contraband you've been taking with you. I thought maybe if I showed some initiative...” he faltered, but then spoke up again. “I've seen that before.” He was staring at my pendant.

Just then we heard a trill. “Is that a duck?” he asked.

“No, that's not a duck!” I snapped. “It's a grey treefrog.” I had to remind myself that I too had wondered about that sound less than a year ago. It was, in fact, my transceiver, and that would be Guy.

I sighed and pulled away. Brody dropped to the ground. He wasn't going anywhere. I dug in my purse and lifted the transceiver to my ear. Brody moved one hand to his throat as he eyed the butter knife. Then he casually raked his fingers through his dark brown hair. Without a word, I closed the connection and gestured toward the silver automobile that was rolling into view.

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