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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

From "Anabar's Run" by Will Granger

Anabar's Run (Anabar Trilogy)
Anabar struggles to escape from the giant...

Anabar gasped as the rope dug deeper into his neck. He finally managed to free his hands, but he could not release the rope around his neck. He almost lost his footing, but he was angry, so he grabbed the rope with both hands and once again planted his feet and jerked back on the rope. The giant barely held on to his end and the two engaged in a deadly tug of war. Anabar was certain the giant would use the knife on him if he lost his balance. They stared across the open space between them, neither willing to give in.

The dark rider watched silently from edge of the woods. He reached down to his side and grabbed the handle of a long, curved sword hanging in a scabbard. He pulled the sword partway out.

Anabar and the giant circled around the camp, the rope pulled taught between them. No matter how hard he tried, and despite his size advantage, the giant could not gain any ground or cause Anabar to lose his footing. He growled and swore and became more and more frustrated as the struggle continued.

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