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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

From "The Last Bature" by Kenneth C. Ryeland

The Last Bature
Senior District Police Officer, Mike Stevens, is investigating three murders at Yula in Nibana, West Africa, but the army don't want him there...

After finding what he considered a suitable spot, Lieutenant Memeka drove the Peugeot off the track into the bush and parked it behind some large thorn bushes out of sight. He then walked back to the Yula track and began to remove the piece of cloth wrapped around his rifle. With a range of two thousand yards and a twenty-four times magnification telescopic sight, the 0.303-calibre Lee-Enfield was an ideal sniper’s weapon.

Memeka settled himself down in a dried-out storm ditch at the side of the track, some three hundred yards from a sharp bend. He camouflaged himself by placing the piece of sand-coloured cloth that he’d removed from the rifle, over his head. After looking along the track through the telescopic sight and being satisfied with the result, the lieutenant relaxed and waited patiently for the police Land-Rover to appear.


TC said...

I read Kenneth's book The Up Country Man which I loved, have this on my kindle and must read it soon! Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

Hello TC! Nice to hear from you. I hope you do enjoy "The Last Bature" it's a real action/adventure story.

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