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Thursday, June 2, 2011

From "Big Dragons Don't Cry" by C.M. Barrett

Big Dragons Don't Cry (A Dragon's Guide to Destiny)
Three cats on a mission are looking for a female to become the mother of a Chosen kitten.

They all stared at Emerald. She lifted her dragging butt and hissed at them. “Is this your idea of a joke? Is this like the human saying, ‘Nice kitty,’ and then starting a torture trip? Because if you’re telling me that an alley cat who’s never been more than two blocks from this warehouse is part of some damn Prophecy, you’re seriously messed up.”

Orion turned the full strength of his gaze on her, and she was ready to take back everything she’d said. The sight of him took her over the top, transforming raw desire into a hunger she’d never known. She wanted to rub her cheek against his gleaming, striped fur. She longed for his teeth to bite into the nape of her neck and to feel his lean, muscular weight pinning her down.

If he were part of the story she’d stay tuned in a little longer.

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