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Thursday, June 2, 2011

From "Final Justice" by Mel Comley

Final Justice (A Lorne Simpkins thriller)
Baldwin's smile vanished. The Chinese Minister, whose position gave him great power, shrivelled in front of him. 'And what do you foresee the outcome being, Mr Foo?' Baldwin asked, through clenched teeth.

Foo's body trembled, he tried to take a step back and bumped into the pretty blonde Baldwin had supplied him for the evening. Julio's colt dug into the base of his back. Panicked the man ran, but three shots from Julio's gun prevented him from going more than a few paces. Foo cried out in agony and slumped as the impact of the bullets sent him sprawling to the newly-polished floor, like a puppet whose strings had been cut.

'Is anyone else going to interrupt me? Speak now, my patience is wearing thinner by the minute.'

The room remained silent.

Baldwin's triumphant laughter echoed round the enormous room, as he sensed his long awaited objective about to finally materialise.

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