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Thursday, June 23, 2011

From "Breathless" by Heather C. Hudak

Breathless (The Cordelia Chronicles)
“I can’t see her, Chaseyn. She has no reflection, and she moves too fast,” I cried aloud in the direction of the place where the phone was now laying open on the floor. “I can’t do this.”

A frosty sheen glazed the mirrors around the place where I stood, dissolving nearly as quickly as it appeared. I spun in a circle watching as one and then another and another were coated in a thin layer of ice, sparkling like diamonds on the shiny, reflective surface of each mirror.

As my feet pushed forward, glass began to shatter all around me. Like dominoes, each row of mirrors tumbled to the ground, creating a jagged spew of glass. Shards flew through the air, piercing my skin as they punctured the fragile membrane. I tried to ignore the stinging pain as blood oozed from each tiny wound, but it was nearly impossible to ignore.

“Stop, Frost. Please stop,” I begged, looking for a way out.

By now, all but a handful of mirrors had been smashed in Frost’s attempt to gain my surrender, and I was wading through a knee-deep pool of shattered glass that tore strips from my jeans as I trudged along.

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