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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

From "Lord of Fire" by Brent Nichols

Lord of Fire"Hazel Miller," he intoned, "you have been found guilty of practicing magic in contravention of the laws of the League of Sorcerers. You are to be burned at the stake until dead."


She turned to look at the monk. So did everyone else.

"You're going to kill her?"

The mayor said, "Um, yes?"

The monk looked flabbergasted. "What did she do?"

The mayor frowned, annoyed. "We have testimony from her husband. She tipped over a cup. With magic."

For a long moment the monk just stared. Then he said, "Are you people insane?"

There was a shocked silence. Hazel said loudly, "I like him."

"The law," said the mayor, "is very clear. People just can't go around practicing magic uncontrolled. That's why the Wizard Wars -"

"This is what you had us chopping wood for?" The monk sounded outraged.

Hazel said, "Thanks for that, by the way."

The mayor, red-faced, snapped, "Enough! The law is clear. The execution will continue."

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