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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

From "Cat's Call" by Natasha Duncan-Drake

Cat's Call (The Chronicles of Charlie Waterman)
"Focus on the new shape completely," Akari said and he followed the instruction as he heard it, "and then place yourself within that shape."

The second bit was harder, but he did his best and he felt the magic inside him shift and jump to his command. His whole body prickled and he felt his fingers begin to change, which was when his concentration shattered. His eyes flew open as he lost what he was trying to do and the power scattered. He might have cried out like a girl when he saw his hands; they were paws.

"Your focus must be complete," Akari said, even as he continued to freak out a little. "Close your eyes and try again."

Charlie didn't want to close his eyes, he wanted his hands back, because paws just looked utterly strange on human arms. It was irrational, but he was suddenly afraid he was stuck this way.

"Questor," Akari's calm voice made his thoughts stop spiralling downwards, "concentrate."

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