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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

From "Patches of Grey" by Roy L. Pickering, Jr

Patches of Grey

The wide open space invited Lionel's thoughts to wander where they might not otherwise venture. Surely he would not dwell on such matters in the overcrowded subway train that transported him to and from work. As he robotically went through the motions that up until recently had earned him an insultingly low wage, his mind did not take him back this far. When walking about the tenement buildings that sapped the strength from many an earnest dream, his memory usually showed mercy and let him be. In this park, however, a glimpse of the world as God intended it reminded him of his younger days.

Taking a break from the picket line, Lionel sat on a bench feeding pieces of bread to a gathering of pigeons. Although they were so commonplace as to be nearly invisible to pedestrians, and were considered by many to be little more than winged rats, he envied these birds. Theirs was a straightforward journey, no enigmas to solve other than where to flock for their next free meal. And if life on the ground ever did get stressful, they could flap their wings and escape into the wild blue yonder.

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