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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

From "Dead Game" by Jennifer Chase

Dead Game (Emily Stone Series #2)
Emily reported to Jordan.  “I don’t have enough ammo to keep them off of us for very long.”

Jordan shimmied toward the window and looked out.  He quickly ducked back down next to Emily as she fired another shot.  A spray of bullets then pummeled back at them.  Glass frames of inspirational quotes from artwork flew off the walls, pieces of furniture cracked and chipped leaving fragments flying into the air, and finally the large window that Jordan peeked out from shattered into a million pieces.  It was deafening.

Emily yelled, “Jordan, any ideas?”  She knew that it was probably over for her.  A flood of images filtered through her mind of her life with Rick, and everything that led up to this standoff.

Jordan had a thought, his face lit up.  “I have an idea.”

Emily fired another round.  “Now would be a great time to tell me.”

Jordan pointed to the window.  “There.”

Emily didn’t understand.  She eased her way to the window and looked out.  The wind blew through the room.  She realized what Jordan thought they should do.  “No way.”

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