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Sunday, June 12, 2011

From "The Fairytale Bride" by Kelly McClymer

The Fairy Tale Bride (Once Upon a Wedding)
"So you think you have won your battle?" His anger was daunting. "I told you I have no intention of being compromised."

Miranda flushed. He must hold the incident five years ago against her, despite his kindness then. "I only wish to convince you to intercede with the Earl of Connaught to win Emily back for Valentine. They are meant for each other."

"So you said.  I can only wonder how far you are inclined to go to convince me." His gaze traveled her length again. Miranda recognized the look she had endured in her short sojourn on the marriage mart.

But never once from Simon Watterly. A painful twist in her chest made her short of breath.

"I will do anything —  " His expression darkened and she broke off in confusion.

He smiled his wonderful smile again, and Miranda did not hear his words for the rush of her heartbeat in her ears. "I beg your pardon?" she asked.

"I said," he repeated slowly, as if for a daft child, "though the idea of spending the night with the notorious Miss Fenster intrigues me, I must decline." Without a further word, he turned and started across the field.

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