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Monday, June 6, 2011

From "The Fashion Police" by Sibel Hodge

The Fashion Police (Amber Fox Mystery)
Insurance Investigator Amber Fox is staking out a supermarket in search of Paul Clark who claims he can't work again but is busy stacking shelves...

My goal set, I entered Asda from the end opposite the produce section, figuring it was better to be safe than sorry. I grabbed a basket and stuffed it with custard doughnuts, cinnamon doughnuts, and chocolate doughnuts. I was of the firm opinion that a girl could never have enough doughnuts. I had just approached the large deli counter when I saw Clark.  He was straight ahead of me at the opposite end of the store. I had a clear line of sight as he worked stocking shelves. As I watched, he moved, twisting sideways to the big pallet of canned corned beef that sat next to him, and back again to load the cans on the shelves. If he had a bad back, then I was a chocolate teapot.

I grinned to myself, rummaging around in my rucksack for the camera. It was about time.

One minute, I was standing there, camera in one hand, basket in the other, inching my way toward Clark with the element of surprise and a guaranteed slam dunk in my sights. The next thing I knew, a boy of about twelve ran around the corner of the aisle and bumped into me. The collision sent me flying head-first into a cardboard display stand that was crammed to the brim with condoms.

Aagh! Condom explosion. Packets shot everywhere.

I gasped as the ‘Are you having safe sex?’ banner sailed through the air, landing face up on the floor next to my head with a loud slap.

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