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Monday, June 6, 2011

From "Lila's Dance" by Jill Metcalf

Lila's Dance
Daniel and Lila had been subjected to abuse from the bitter tongues of Town gossips. The night they were wed…

     The animals were no more than bedded down for the night before Daniel heard the tapping of the hammer. He followed the sound around to the front of the house and stopped in surprise. Lila was nailing the unfolded paper to the front door.

     Their marriage document was about to be left to flutter in the midnight breezes.

     When she had finished the chore, Lila stood back, giving a satisfied nod. "There! That should do it." 
     He stepped up behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders. "Do what?"

     Lila continued to admire the piece of paper. "I can just hear Mae Belle Willoughby now," she said and began imitating the older woman's scratchy voice. 'We don't know they're married for sure,' she'll say. 'None of us was invited to the wedding, were we? We haven't seen a marriage paper, have we?' Now they will all see it," Lila added happily.

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