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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

From "Once" by James Michael White


"What if I could make it so that, with a touch, you could witness all that your occupation will have wrought upon those who, over time, would have kept buying what you sell?"

"First off, you don’ give me no shit in my kingdom. You have what I want, I takes it. Second off, you ain’t gots shit makes me think I shun’t pops a cap in yo’ ass ri’ now!"

"What if, taking my gift, you would also have the money these people would have paid you? Would you take this gift?"

Ramon rubbed his finger against the .32’s trigger, sucked his upper lip into a knot. Something told him to cap this motherfucker right now and kick him out the door. Something also told him to fuckin’ wait.

"I already gots money."

"The turns of favor soon turn again. You will see that I am more than nobody. Decide."


The tall man stared and Ramon felt squeezed by that stare. Rain pitter-pattered against the roof and in the static, the darkness, the rest of the city blurred into nothing. In the car, they might have been soaring through infinite space.

"Fuck salvation. You give me power."

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