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Monday, June 6, 2011

From "Pale Queen's Courtyard" by Marcin Wrona

Pale Queen's Courtyard (Moonlit Cities)
Alone with his thoughts one night, Kamvar tries to figure out why his Hunt has been ordered to distant Ekka.

We still haven’t been told why we’re here. He looked to the other men, who lay snoring contentedly beneath wool blankets. They were ten, and two Hounds – two full Hunts, which was hardly customary. Hound Majid had said little, and his replies were unusually terse. Hound Barsam… Kamvar preferred not to think about Hound Barsam. He had first met the man when their ship came in to Sarvagadis almost a month ago, but he knew – everybody knew – the stories. How could they not? “One Arm, One Eye,” was a Temple slogan these days, a command to fight against the dark, no matter the sacrifice.

Of course, the priests who chanted most loudly still had their eyes and arms. Hound Barsam was one of the lucky few that had suffered wounds in combat with Daiva and lived to tell of it.

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