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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

From "Paradox: The Angels are Here" by Patti Roberts

Paradox - The Angels Are Here
Lives bound together by blood forge an unforgettable trail of heartbreak, loss and betrayal spanning over centuries to the present day...

His slit eyes flashed to the entrance, as he sensed another’s imminent arrival. He turned in greeting as a girl, his younger sibling, no more than thirteen, entered the smoky room and ran toward him.

“Ah, little sister, how divine you look my child.”

He swung her up into his arms, as a groom would a new bride, and kissed her hard on the mouth.  She did not resist, but welcomed it.

“Abaddon,” she chirped through smiling rose coloured lips, running her fingers through his dark shoulder length hair, “always an absolute pleasure of course…now, please put me down…AND…I am NOT a child!”

He laughed and released her to the marbled floor, running his hand down her flowing red hair.  “You will always be a beautiful voracious child to me Theria…”  

She slapped his hand away, infuriated by his comment.  A snarling hiss broke free of her lips.

“Don’t mock me Abaddon, if I recall correctly it wasn’t that long ago that…”  Her thoughts were abruptly interrupted.  She snapped her head around, something, someone else, had distracted her thoughts.

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