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Monday, June 13, 2011

From "Price Road" by Elaine T. Jones

Price Road
The church ladies were always willing to do church work, they were leaders; in fact, they formed a church based club, The Willing Workers...
 It was their special God blessed elite clique. On Sundays the four members of The Willing Workers Club wore the most jeweled, feathered, and flowered hats in the congregation; therefore, they were always the most conspicuous ladies in church.

The church ladies seemed to think on one accord: they discussed the other members of the congregation daily, they made joint decisions, they were alert for signs of back-sliders, without solicitation they personally advised members of the church about God’s spiritual expectations, and they developed strategies designed to help their fellow parishioners to become better Christians. The church ladies even developed a list of rules for holy and sanctified Christian living, which they tried to personally enforce, in order to help the sinners of the congregation get into heaven….

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