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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

From "Ratticus: A True Tale from Critter Corner" by Raymond Birdsell

Ratticus: A True Tale from Critter Corner
We live in a very nice neighborhood of multi-acre lots and pretty expensive homes.  However – being fairly rural in nature and off the beaten path – so to speak – we are no strangers to the occasional critter.  My wife is much more sympathetic than I when it comes to the critters that have chosen our home for their temporary lodging needs – imploring me to capture that cute little mouse alive and let him go outside.  I’d like you to picture for the moment the sheer absurdity of me running around the family room with a large pasta strainer and a kitchen towel – trying to trap a mouse alive so I can make my wife happy by letting him go unharmed outside.  Moving furniture out of my way as I go one way and the mouse goes another.  Losing sight of it and giving up – only to see it running down the hall a few minutes later.  Finally evicting the mouse even though he is most likely simply running around the other side of the house and inviting all his friends to come in to watch the idiot with the pasta strainer.  I have no doubt that I’ve caught the same damn mouse multiple times at this point.

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