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Thursday, June 30, 2011

From "These Hellish Happenings" by Jennifer Rainey

These Hellish HappeningsAfter throwing the car into gear, Alex drove to the exit of the parking lot and pressed play on the radio. As the car lurched onto the street, the sounds of raucous drumming, keyboards and guitar filled the inside. The music picked up in volume and speed before suddenly dropping out entirely, replaced by a familiar voice.

Jim Morrison. Singing Touch Me.

Jack stared blankly out the window. His mind had decided to abandon all attempts to comprehend the situation. He was driving down the street with a shape-shifting demon who obviously had a thing for the musical stylings of The Doors.

And if this wasn’t more tripped-out than any tripped-out crap Rufus had ever witnessed, Jack would’ve willingly thrown himself from a cliff.

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