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Thursday, June 16, 2011

From "Vibrational Passage" by Kimberly Lee and Jennifer Dustow

Vibrational Passage (Safe Passage Trilogy)
He pointed towards the open windows. "This window is now active," he shouted over the gusting wind. "It is your portal through space and time. The gold coin will pull you towards your destination. I cannot stress enough. Center your thoughts! Or you will not make your mark."

     Frank Hyde was the first one to go. He pulled out the piece of white Birch bark from the pouch hanging around his neck. Frank cradled the thin woody paper in his hands, reading the handwritten words scrawled out in black. He gently kissed before carefully cradling it, and placed it back into the silk pouch.

     Then, Frank walked out of the window, like he was leaving the room and that was that. He did not scream, he did not look back, there was a blast of light, and then he was gone. The men were choking from the smoke, as one by one, they jumped.

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