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Thursday, June 16, 2011

From "The Growing Dim Project: Book One" by Nicholas A. McGirr

The Growing Dim Project : Book One
The snow had particular importance to me then, for it was pure, as I surely needed something pure in my life at this point even if it was only temporary. The sky had not one star for the clouds took over the horizon. A very thin fog was starting to fall as I lit my cigarette. I took a deep hit from it and watched as my visible breath mixed with my exhaled smoke. The trees around the border of the field were something from a painting; perfectly holding the new fallen snow in even levels across their branches. This was indeed a scene to remember…(then later in the chapter…)

The snow had begun to fall again in large snowflakes filling the footsteps I had taken through the field. This was nature’s way of telling me to keep what I had seen to myself. While lying on my back, I watched as the snowflakes came down on me, looking like falling stars approaching my cold body. With this position, I began to make a snow angel to kind of bless the spot in my own personal way to keep the memory my own.

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