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Monday, July 4, 2011

From "The Butcher's Boy" by Michael Robb Mathias

The Butcher's BoyThe ghostly boy picked up another empty and went through the wind up again, but this time the can went over Oliver’s head and clattered into the kitchen. Oliver whimpered like a terrified child and the ghost boy grabbed at its belly and laughed. The sound that came out held no mirth though. It was a hollow gravelly hiss that was full of spite and anger.

Oliver used a hand to push himself up and tried to climb over the recliner to get away. The ghost snarled at this and reached for another can. There was no dramatic pause to check the first base runner with this wind up. The ghostly arm shot forth and the can flew across the room.

Oliver put a hand up to protect himself, but he wasn’t fast enough. This can wasn’t opened yet and when it him full in the mouth it shattered his lips as if they were grapes and broke some teeth. He threw his arms up into a cartwheel trying to keep his balance, but it wasn’t to be. He and the chair went over and the back of his head hit the floor so hard that it bounced.

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jennymilch said...

What a cool concept--snippets. This one is very creepy...

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