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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

From "Death By A Dark Horse" by Susan Schreyer

Death By A Dark HorseProtagonist Thea and friends Delores and Miguel are at a seedy biker bar following a lead on a witness to a murder...

We’d barely sat when a young woman with blonde and hot pink, spiky hair, multiple facial piercings and an empty tray on her hip, slid between two customers and stood at our table regarding us with a bored expression.

“Beer?” she asked.

I was fairly certain we’d heard the entire selection.

“Three,” Miguel said.

The girl pushed her way between the customers and disappeared.

Miguel scanned the crowd. “I do not see him,” he said, obviously referring to our quarry. “I will take a look around. Do not go anywhere.” He looked directly at me.

I didn’t think he needed to worry. Delores scooted her chair closer to me and glared at the backside of a guy who bumped her. I was hemmed in by similar blue-jean and leather-clad body parts. I wasn’t going anywhere – even if I wanted to.

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