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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

From "kiDNApped" by Rick Chesler

kiDNAppedKIDNAPPED  HELP ME W Archer 0601Wailua R KIDNAPPED HELP ME W Archer 0601Wailua R KIDNAPPED …

It would run for several pages. He’d just copied the same strand over and over and inserted it into the genome, Kristen realized. It gave her the chills.

Help me, help me, help me...being churned out by a population of living organisms as if they were factory workers producing goods on an assembly line.

An entire population with a message.

Her father’s single-celled couriers.

It occurred to Kristen that one hundred—possibly even one thousand—years from now, the population of bacteria in the waters of Oahu would likely still carry this message.

Tara huddled closer to the computer screen. She wondered what she was getting into as she looked down again at the message’s opening: HELP ME!

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