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Monday, July 11, 2011

From "Excuse me, where is the exit?" by Stella Deleuze

Excuse me, where is the exit?It's time to leave and everyone puts on their coat. Meaning three of you - the one you can't stand doesn't. A very important rule for being a real British girl is to go out nearly naked, even in the winter. The less you wear the more you deserve to be called British, well stupid British to be precise. You'd rather not be labelled like this and therefore are wrapped up in several layers.

Freezing to death - as much as you're suffering and said you want to die the past week, you wouldn't take it this far. Once you're over your ex, you'll be able to enjoy life again. No need for such drastic actions. Outside, the cold wind blows into your face. The 'naked' girl shakes violently. No surprises there then.

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