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Friday, July 8, 2011

From "Fire in the Blood" by Dale Ibitz

Fire in the Blood (Last Moon Rising)On her 17th birthday, Haley is contemplating the life of a boobless loner who owns sucky clothes, when she tumbles to a parallel world, called Eyidora:

Tuggin turned. “Follow me. Do not fall behind.”

“Wait!” I clamped my legs together to stop their shaking.

His gaze slid down his nose and captured mine. “Follow me.”

“But my mom...”

“I would be more concerned with your safety than hers.”

His words weren’t in sync with his lips, which had a woozy effect on me as they spun through my mind. I swayed toward him.

“You must come with me,” Tuggin said. “Now.”

In hazy confusion, I fought the urge to follow Tuggin like a lost toddler, but a desire to obey him welled inside me. I concentrated on blinking to break the mesmerizing connection, and my head cleared. “No.”

Tuggin’s eyes widened slightly, his nostrils flared. With one swift movement, his knife was pointed at my throat, and the cold pinch of steel triggered an avalanche of ice down my spine.

“You will come with me, now,” he said.

My brain made one last attempt to resist. I would not keep gulping in shaky breaths. I would not pick up that backpack. I would not follow him.

Of course, in the end, I did all of those things.

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