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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

From "Fezariu's Epiphany" by David M. Brown

Fezariu's EpiphanyFezariu has just been issued a mission that will see him return to Clarendon, the town he fled years before...

Fezariu could not shake the fear that was cold around his heart whenever he thought of Clarendon. Though the city had never been far away during his training on Merelax Island there was still that reassurance of the sea being between Fezariu and Clarendon, while his devotion to the pursuit of excellence as a mercenary ensured he never felt the need to return and confront his past. Now his hand had been forced. Not only would Fezariu have to complete the assassination of a political figure, he was now returning to his childhood, to relive the memories that had driven him into the arms of the mercenaries in the first place. Fezariu’s only hope was that he could remain disciplined and focussed on the assignment and not submit to the temptation to confront the painful battles he had fought as a boy.

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