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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

From "Zombie Bedtime Stories: Locked In" by Thea Isis Gregory

Locked In (Zombie Bedtime Stories)Haley threw up her arms as he made a lunge for her face. His unimaginable strength pitched them both to the ground. The blow winded her. Her eyes widened in alarm as she squirmed under his wizened form to keep his decaying teeth away from her flesh. His fetid breath was tinged with the scent of blood, the overwhelming stench burning into her lungs. Haley thought she was going to vomit. The three officers and Frank shouted as they struggled to gain control of the crazed man.

Deafened by Buddy’s shrieks, the terror of the cacophony threatened to paralyze her. A Taser was drawn, but its discharge barely seemed to jolt Buddy, prompting a renewed flurry of attacks. Haley felt a discernible electric tingle pass through her own body, so she knew the device had worked, but on the wrong person. With this realization her thoughts became frantic and incoherent. As she felt her arms weaken from the exertion, she couldn’t help wondering if Buddy was drugged.


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I had read the tale and it was an awesome time 'cos I learned to many things (philosophy and ethics values... ) and I would like to read it again 'cos it's an important book. Indeed.

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The heroes are strong but flawed and the monsters are both terrifying and almost sympathetic at the same time. I am very curious to see where the author next takes us in her Zombie Bedtime Stories series, although I have a feeling it's going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better...however, that's a good thing for us readers! I look forward to the carnage ahead.

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