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Monday, July 25, 2011

From "Forbidden Temptation of a Vampire" by Jodie B. Cooper

Forbidden Temptation of a Vampire (Sídhí Summer Camp)“Stop shaking her!”

Katie sensed the vampire stopping a few feet away. Then she heard him.

She jerked her eyes toward the vampire as growls erupted from his chest. It wasn’t like his first short growl. This echoed through the bare room and she heard the deep anger rolling through this rumbling sound. His mouth opened, exposing fully extended fangs. In growing fear, she watched the now furious vampire slowly extend his claws as he moved closer toward them.

“Come on, Sis, let go!” Mitch snapped at her, never shifting his attention as he glared at the growling vampire. He suddenly stopped shaking her, flipping her toward the bed, he snapped his arm around, but she doggedly hung on. His motive was transparent. The minute he got her off his arm, he would attack the vampire and enjoy every darn minute of it. It’d make him happier than a kid with a new puppy.

“Damn it! You’re hurting her!” The vampire snapped, flinging his accusation at Mitch. Deep snarls punctuated his words. “I can smell her blood!”

With each word, the vampire’s fury seemed to be growing. She felt a flush of surprise go through her.

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