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Monday, July 25, 2011

From "Victor" by E.J. Loera

Victor“Look at her,” said Victor calmly.  “Tell me what is wrong, that I may fix it.”

A quick shove broke an interminable pause.  Cold fingers slithered down my jaw as the alert part of me eagerly wondered what the room I was in looked like.

“She continues the same,” the Doctor exhaled.  “I see nothing –“

“No,” Victor interrupted.  “That – what is that?  Those markings were not there previously.”

“Hm.”  Shafts of ice swept aside the dangling curls that fell about my neck.  My mind was failing, and the voices began to drift to a distance as a sigh issued from my lips.

“Do you see?  Now, with your own eyes!  Explain that to me.”

“Those scores… they simply… appeared?”

“They are the impressions of a hand, are they not?”

“No, no… they are much outsized to be such.”

“He did it!  Alas!  Demon-fiend!  Nevermore will I afford a breath to his vindictive lungs!  Ah, but to God!” A disconnected part of me perceived Victor crumble to the ground.  “You will die by my hand, accursed wretch!  I will kill you for this!  Oh, my Elizabeth.  My sweet, sweet, Elizabeth…”

A destitute splintering resonated somewhere… but unconsciousness overcame me afresh.

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