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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

From "The Gods Among Us" by William L. Deen

The Gods Among UsThe god Enki has been sent to Earth tasked with returning his half-brother, Inlil, to the underworld...

Crouching and preparing for an attack, his head shot around, looking towards the sky, into the trees, and again he found nothing. With his ears stiff and straight, he experienced difficulty determining the exact direction the sound came from.

The sounds from the falls and rapids echoed off the cliffs and trees. It prevented him from detecting the exact location of his attacker. He continued to survey the river and surrounding environment.


Inlil’s eyes stopped at a large outcrop of boulders protruding from the middle of the river. Bewildered, he spotted a large white aves perched atop the largest of the rocks. The aves’ majestic appearance seemed larger than any he had seen before, and twice the weight. Its solid white plumage contrasted against the gray rocks. Its golden yellow talons, beak, and piercing irises provided a striking sight.

Inlil realized the aves stared back at him. It was as if the bird antagonized him.

The two beasts locked their eyes.

The aves spread, stretched, and extended its powerful wings.

Inlil found himself drawn to a familiar aspect within the bearing of the great aves. A sense of familiarity in the eyes existed. Then, the haunting recognition overwhelmed him.


Inlil hesitated for only a moment, and then vanished into the dark forest.

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Betty Dravis said...

An intriguing snippet, Bill. You have me on pins and needles already, wondering how this fight will come out.

Thanks for sharing this passage from THE GODS AMONG US. It sounds exciting.

Hugs - Betty Dravis

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