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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

From "Wicked Warlock" by K.C. Hughes

Wicked WarlockDeakon slowly opened the box and peered in. The overhead fluorescent light hit the object, emitting a glow that drew him in closer. A warm feeling of peace cradled him and he liked it. He soaked it in and welcomed it. The despair of his pitiful life was gone. He took in deep breaths, enjoying the euphoria. He pulled the bracelet out and clasped it over his wrist.

He nearly tripped over the chair when he saw how disfigured his hands  looked. His fingers curled and extended back and forth on their own. And they were growing. He felt his toes doing the same thing. When the ringing in his ear stopped, multiple zaps of voltage pricked his brain. Every sting jerked his body in a freaky way. He walked around the room with his hands extended and feet kicking looking like Frankenstein when he had been juiced to life. Deakon was morphing into a creature and he was horrified.

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